How Do You Beat The Imprisoned Pols Voice?

Can I take BowWow for a walk?

Walking BowWow Being a loyal companion, he will also eat most enemies in Link’s way.

In order for Link to obtain the second Instrument of the Sirens, he should walk with BowWow to the swamp, where BowWow can eat the Goponga Flowers blocking the entrance to Bottle Grotto, the second dungeon in Link’s Awakening..

While crumbled, he must be hit with a Bomb to damage him, otherwise he will simply keep fighting. The easiest way to stun Master Stalfos is to charge the Spin Attack, use the Roc’s Feather to jump towards him, and release the Spin Attack while in midair on the east side of Master Stalfos.

How do I get out of the grotto bottle?

Zelda Link’s Awakening Bottle Grotto WalkthroughLight the two braziers to kick things off. … Hop the gap, push the enemy off, and open the chest. … Hit the crystal to raise and lower the colored tiles. … Jump all the way to the right, and stand on the pressure plate to reveal the chest.More items…•

How do I return a BowWow?

You can’t return BowWow until after you’ve completed the second dungeon, Bottle Grotto, since you need his assistance to get past the flowers blocking the entrance. Once you’ve completed Bottle Grotto, you can go back to Mabe Village and speak to his owner to return BowWow to his post in her yard.

Where is the power bracelet in Zelda?

Bottle GrottoThe Power Bracelet is found in the second dungeon, Bottle Grotto. It allows Link to pick up heavy objects like pots, rocks and skulls, as well as some enemies.

What is a Pols Voice?

Pols Voice. A ghost with big ears and a weak point ‒ he hates loud noise. In The Legend of Zelda, Pols Voices are ghosts with big ears, whiskers, and a tooth-filled maw underneath them. They bounce around dungeon rooms and can be defeated with a single Arrow.

How do you kill the bunny in the bottle Grotto?

Items in Bottle Grotto: Power Bracelet….Instead, Link lifted the pots with his newfound strength and threw them on the fiends, crushing them.Move the blocks to free the Pols Voice (rabbit enemy) and kill it by throwing a pot at it.Defeat the Keese with your Sword.Defeat the skeletal Stalfos with your Sword.

What is the imprisoned pols voice?

The mystery of the Imprisoned Pol’s Voice. In this room is the Keese, Pols Voice and Stalfos. … So, in the room with the three enemies, that means we have an order to kill them: Pols Voice (rabbit eats) first, then the Keese (bat) and finally the Stalfos (hooded skeleton).

How do you get the Level 2 nightmare key?

To get the Nightmare key in Bottle Grotto, the second dungeon in Zelda Link’s Awakening, you have to find your way to a room with three specific enemies: an imprisoned Pols’ Voice (the bunny-like creature), a Shrouded Stalfos (the skellington with the robe that looks like the Grim Reaper), and a Keese (aka a bat).

Where is the nightmare key?

If you haven’t already, grab the Nightmare Key – it’s found in the largest room in the dungeon, and requires you to leap over the gap in the north-east corner using Roc’s Feather to find the chest. There’s also a staircase here, leading to a side-scrolling section and several hanging skeletons.

How do you save a BowWow?

To save BowWow, head out of Mabe Village via the Mysterious Forest. Once you reach Koholint Prairie, use the Roc’s Feather to jump over the holes surrounding a Heart Piece and then continue northbound to Tal Tal Heights.

How do you get rid of Pol voice?

The easiest way to defeat a Pols Voice is to play the Ocarina near them. Playing Ballad of the Wind Fish with the Ocarina will instantly defeat any Pols Voice on the screen. If Link doesn’t have the Ocarina yet, they can be defeated by shooting an arrow or throw something at them, such as a nearby pot or rock.

How do you defeat the genie in Zelda?

Avoid the fireball by jumping over it with Roc’s Feather and hit the Genie with your sword. He will repeat the same process, so hit him twice more and you will take him down and obtain a Heart Container and the next instrument in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

How do I get out of Goponga swamp?

Goponga Swamp locationMake sure you get the chest in the middle of the swamp as you go, too – it contains a 50 Rupee piece.When ready, head through the cave entrance to the Bottle Grotto dungeon.BowWow will leave your side when you enter, the by way. Don’t worry – that’s supposed to happen!

Tal Tal Heights are located south of the Tal Tal Mountain Range. It also borders Goponga Swamp to the west, and Tabahl Wasteland, Kanalet Castle, and the Rapids Ride to the south. Moblins and Tektites are the predominant enemies in this region, though Like Likes and Octoroks also appear.

Where do you go after bottle Grotto?

Kanalet Castle is your next task after completing Bottle Grotto dungeon in Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and is required to access the next one, Key Cavern. Doing so requires the use of a few items you might not have in your possession – a Shovel and Bombs – to make a new friend along the way.

How do you get the strongest bracelet in Link’s Awakening?

Find the Powerful BraceletFrom the entrance, go left and head up. … In this room, take out the Mask-Mimic and stand on the top right orange tile. … Bomb the wall on the right to enter the room with the stairs shown above. … Go up, open the chest, and get the Powerful Bracelet.

What do you do with a BowWow?

DON’T return BowWow yet. Instead let’s head to Gopongo Swamp. Head to the uppder part of the Mysterious Forest (area with water and flowers). Walk through and BowWow will eat the flowers blocking the path, opening the second dungeon, Bottle Grotto.