Question: How Can I Read A Book Without Creasing My Spine?

Is it bad to crack the spine of a book?

You’ve cracked that book’s spine.

The reason you don’t want to do this to either kind of book if you want your books to last a long time.

Especially with paperbacks, it damages the glue binding of the book making it easier for pages to eventually start falling out..

How do you stop books from bending?

Protect Your Paperbacks in Transit with Another Bag Pages get bent, covers are scratched, or other things in our bags find their way between the pages and weaken the book’s spine. To keep your book intact, put it in a Ziploc bag before putting into your backpack or briefcase.

How do I keep my book comfortable?

The truth is, there is a correct way to hold a book. Its best off holding it with both hands, such that your elbows are resting on a surface and the book is in front of your face, so that you don’t have to look down.

How can I protect my book?

Strategies For How to Protect Your BooksSet The Book Aside For Meal Time. … Pay Attention to Humidity. … Keep Plastic Bags Handy for Books During Travel. … Carry Sticky Flags and Bookmarks If You are Prone to Dog-Earing. … Invest in a Caddy if You are a Bath or Pool-Float Reader. … Keep an Eye On Those Spines.