Question: How Do I Link My Epic Games Account To My PlayStation Account?

Due to security reasons and Sony’s strict implementations, you’re able to only have this specific PSN account connected to your Epic account.

No matter how many times you try to link a different one, you’ll keep receiving the same error.

This wasn’t always the case, but has been for quite a while now..

No. Per epic games terms of service all fortnite accounts are owned by them and the player is only licensed to use said account/gsne. It clearly states that no account can be sold, traded, or transferred and that doing so can be cause for a permanent ban and / or legal action ….

Can I transfer my fortnite account to another ps4?

Since last fall, when Sony finally relented and opened up the PlayStation platform for Fortnite gamers, players have been allowed to move their Fortnite accounts between PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile. … It’s only console players who were locked out between PS4, Xbox, and Switch.

Can you transfer ps4 account data to another account?

Sign both systems into the same PSN account on the same network. Initiate the transfer on the new console. The first time you sign in on the new PS4 you’ll be asked if you want to transfer data. … If you are transferring at a later time, go to Settings>System>Transfer Data From Another PS4 to start the process.

Will account merge ever come back?

Never miss a Moment The Account Merge feature will be coming to an end on May 6, 2019. Be sure to submit a merge request prior to that date for any eligible accounts. Note: Any “In Progress” Account Merge requests will be completed as long as they’re submitted prior to May 6 …

Why did fortnite remove account merge?

Due to past limitations caused by Sony, some Fortnite players had to create two different accounts to play the game, resulting in fragmented progression and content. … In a PSA published today, Epic revealed that it will disable the Fortnite account merge tool on May 6, just two days before the start of Season 9.

Once you’ve linked an account to a PSN account, it’s linked to that one for good. You cannot unlink and link to a new one. If you’re trying to link an Epic account to a new PSN ID, and haven’t linked it to a PS4 yet, the game itself gives you instructions on how to do this.

How do I connect my ps4 account to fortnite?

This story is part of a group of stories calledStep 1: Log into Epic Games’ website with your Nintendo ID and unlink the Switch. … Step 2: Log into Epic Games’ website with your PSN account and re-link the Switch. … Step 3: Fire up Fortnite on Switch and let it automatically log in.

On a PC, visit the Nintendo Switch icon to sign in to the account associated with your Nintendo Account.Select “Sign In” when prompted to sign in to your Nintendo Account.Enter the e-mail address and password associated with your Nintendo Account.More items…•

Can I merge fortnite Accounts 2020?

Now, there is no way to merge 2 Epic Games accounts. If you want to connect an Xbox, PlayStation or Switch account to a PC account, go to the Account Linking section on your main accounts page to do so.

How do I upgrade a console account to a full Epic Games account?

Go to, look in the top right corner, and make sure you’re signed out. Click on SIGN IN in the top right section of the screen. Click the icon for the console or platform that you currently play on and want to connect to an Epic Games Account.

What is epic account ID used for?

Your Epic Account ID is a unique identifier assigned to your Epic Games account during account creation. Unlike your account display name, Epic Account IDs cannot be changed and are not displayed to other users.

Can you have 2 fortnite accounts on ps4?

If you have 2 PSN (Playstation Network) Accounts. In PS4 you can make as many users as you want to make when you make 2 then download fortnite in both of them. … Just create another user on your PS4 and then create a new account or link an existing one to your second account.