Question: How Do You Select The Same Text In VS Code?

How do you select all instances in Word?

Select all instances of a word ↩ Press Alt-F3 (Windows or Linux) or Command+Ctrl+G (Mac OS X) to highlight every instance of the word in the document.

Type to replace the selected words with your changes..

How do I clear or code in terminal?

To clear Terminal in VS Code simply press Ctrl + Shift + P key togather this will open a command palette and type command Terminal: Clear. Also you will go to View in taskbar upper left corner of vs code and open Command pallete.

How do you select multiple lines?

How to select multiple parts of the text?Hold Ctrl while making the selection in the usual way.Release all keys.Place cursor at the beginning of the next desired selection.Hold Ctrl while making the selection in the usual way.Release all keys.

How do you delete multiple lines in VS code?

“vs code delete multiple lines” Code Answer Windows: Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Keys.

How do you replace all in VS code?

Update – as of version 1.3 (june 2016) it is possible to search and replace in Visual Studio Code. Using ctrl + shift + f , you can search and replace text in all files.

How do I format in Visual Studio?

Option 1Go to any . cs file and open in code editor.Right click on the code file and you will get option to “Format Code” as shown below.You can also invoke this command using Keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+D, Ctrl+F”

How do you select multiple lines in VS code?

To employ multi-line editing, use the following command for your OS:Windows: Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Keys.Linux: Shift + Alt + Arrow Keys.Mac: Opt + Cmd + Arrow Keys.

How Save all in VS code?

In visual studio code as of today you can press Ctrl + K + S to save all unsaved files currently opened in your editor….Press Ctrl key + K.Release the Ctrl and K both keys.Press S key.

How do you uncomment in VS code?

If you select a block of code and use the key sequence Ctrl+K+C, you’ll comment out the section of code. Ctrl+K+U will uncomment the code.

How do I select vertically in Visual Studio?

Did you know that you can select and edit vertical blocks in Visual Studio? Just hold down the Alt key and drag mouse over text area you want to work with.

How do you set indentation in VS code?

Step 1: Click on Preferences > Settings.Step 2: The setting you are looking for is “Detect Indentation”, begin typing that. Click on “Editor: Tab Size”Step 3: Scroll down to “Editor: Tab Size” and type in 2 (or whatever you need). Changes are automatically saved. Example of my changes.

How do you select the same word in VS code?

Ctrl+D selects the word at the cursor, or the next occurrence of the current selection. Tip: You can also add more cursors with Ctrl+Shift+L, which will add a selection at each occurrence of the current selected text.

How do I go back to a previous code in VS?

By using alt + left / right arrows ( ctrl + shift + – / ctrl + – ) we can switch directly to the previous/next file in the file history.