Question: What Is An Example Of A Superscript?

How do you use superscript in a sentence?

superscript numerals may be used for citation of references in the text.

superscript lower case letters.

Of Mutability has a superscript from Pound’s Cantos..

How do you indicate a superscript?

General comments on writing algebra:Do not send binary characters. … Remember the order of operations, and use enough parentheses. … Use space in math expressions. … Use “^” for superscripts: 2^6, e^3, etc. … Use “_” (underscore) for subscripts. … Use “/” for division, but remember the parentheses!More items…

What is a superscript in math?

A small letter or number placed slightly higher than the normal text. Usually means how many times to use the value in a multiplication (also called an “exponent” or “power”). Examples: • the number 2 here: A2 (meaning A squared)

How do you superscript in a text message?

Alternatively, you can find other keyboard apps on the Play Store that allows typing subscript.Open the text where you want to type subscript. … Switch your keyboard to the Engineering Keyboard. … Tap the nnn super/subscript icon on the bottom-left. … Tap the subscript character you want to type.

What is the purpose of using superscript?

Superscripts that typically extend above the ascender line In mathematics, high superscripts are used for exponentiation to indicate that one number or variable is raised to the power of another number or variable.

What does subscript mean?

: a distinguishing symbol (such as a letter or numeral) written immediately below or below and to the right or left of another character. Other Words from subscript Example Sentences Learn More about subscript.

What does a subscript tell you?

Subscript numbers tell you how many of each element, chemical group or ion are present in a molecule.

What is superscript and subscript in HTML?

Subscript: The tag is used to add a subscript text to the HTML document. The tag defines the subscript text. Subscript text appears half a character below the normal line and is sometimes rendered in a smaller font. … Superscript: The tag is used to add a superscript text to the HTML document.