Question: What Is The Theme Of The Graveyard Book?

Is there a Graveyard Book 2?

We’ll never really know, though, unless Neil Gaiman writes a sequel.

When asked if he would ever write a sequel to The Graveyard Book, Gaiman said, “I will, yes, but it will go to very different places – and it may not get back to the Graveyard” (source) Hmm… very interesting..

Is the Graveyard book for adults?

A new edition of Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Graveyard Book’ (l.) targets an adult audience and forgoes mentioning the book’s Newbery Medal. This edition is expressly for adults, says Jennifer Hart, associate publisher at William Morrow Paperbacks.

What age group is the graveyard book for?

The novel is aimed at 8 – 11 year olds, but the gruesome murder descriptions in the first chapter may push the age up. Parents should read that bit and then decide. Nearly every chapter is a self contained short story about an incident in Bod’s life.

Who is the master in the graveyard book?

According to the text, the Sleer is a guardian. It watches over the treasures of its previous master while awaiting that master’s return. This serpent-like creature also has three heads and three necks. Its faces comprise an amalgamation of human and animal parts.

How does nobody come to the graveyard?

How Nobody Came to the Graveyard. Fasten your seatbelts, folks – The Graveyard Book begins with a sharp knife. A man named Jack has the knife in his hand as he creeps into a house, leaving the front door slightly open. … The only person still alive in the house is a baby.

What is the conflict in the graveyard book?

Conflict. Although the dead acknowledge that Bod is a living boy and want him to have a full life, it is unsafe for him to leave the graveyard. Because the sinister man still seeks to kill him, Bod’s freedom is limited and he is unable to fully experience life.

What is the setting of the Graveyard Book?

The story takes place in the United Kingdom. The story probably takes place in the 21st century. … While reading the story it often feels like the story takes place somewhere in the past. Despite the contemporary setting the inhabitants of the graveyard lived in different centuries and act accordingly.

What happens at the end of the graveyard book?

He also convinces her mother to move back to Scotland. The Graveyard Book ends when Bod is about fifteen years old. We see him gradually losing his Freedom of the Graveyard powers (must be puberty), and then leaving the graveyard by himself with money, a passport, and big, big dreams.

Where is the graveyard in the graveyard book?

The Graveyard in Old Town; Somewhere in England; Present Day Yes, this book is set in a graveyard; that’s what puts the “Graveyard” in The Graveyard Book. To get to the graveyard, all you have to do is go to Old Town, and walk up the hill.

What is the mood of the graveyard book?

mysticThe mood is mystic because of the supernatural elements of the novel. Some of these are Bods graveyard powers, the ghosts, the ghouls, the witches, the Sleer and others creatures from the supernatural world of this book.

Is Silas from the graveyard book a vampire?

Silas the Vampire. Silas is the perfect example of mystery, secrecy, and slippery answers. Most of the other mythological or supernatural creatures we meet in The Graveyard Book are clearly identified. … OK, we’ll just say it: Silas is a vampire.

Why did Neil Gaiman write The Graveyard Book?

Nail Gaiman says that inspiration for The Graveyard Book struck 23 years ago, when he was watching his son ride a tricycle through a cemetery. The night a mystical killer murders his family, a child toddles off into a graveyard, where he’s adopted by a loving, even-keeled ghost couple.