Question: What Should I Do First In Skyrim?

What quest should I do first in Skyrim?

For early quests, I’d say go to Markath and do the House of Horrors quest and get Molag Bal’s mace.

I used that thing up until I could make Dragonbone swords.

Also, do the Greybeard’s mission early on.

I played till level 20 without getting the Fus Ro Dah shout..

Should I play Dawnguard or Dragonborn first?

Dragonborn is more of “Skyrim 2” in the terms of the new archenemy and all that Dawnguard is more dlc-like in that it adds a bit more stuff but not that much in the way of story. Dawnguard first, then Dragonborn. Arvak and Durnehviir will both come in handy when you’re traveling and fighting through Solstheim.

Can you 100% Skyrim?

Hundreds and hundreds of hours to 100% it. The number of quests is 244 but that’s probably just the main game. Then you have some unlogged quests you can discover on your own as well as quests that never end (like kill this creature or warlord etc.)

What is the strongest race in Skyrim?

BretonRace: Breton This is it, the cream of the crop. The Breton is the best race in Skyrim for one reason, and one reason only: a 25 percent resistance to magic. This is so much more important than many players realize, especially when choosing a character for the first time.

Should you do the main quest first in Skyrim?

Theres not problem in doing the Main Questline first, but it is recommended to do the Main Quest once you reach a level around 10.

What can you not do in Skyrim?

Things Not to Do in SkyrimDon’t Spread Your Skills Too Thin.Never Steal From a Chicken.Don’t Try to Murder Essential NPCs.Resist the Urge to Pick Up Literally Everything.Don’t Sell Enchanted Items.Don’t Fight With the Guards.Don’t Store Items in Places You Don’t Own.

Who is the best wife in Skyrim?

Aela The Huntress1 Aela The Huntress The most popular and best wife in Skyrim, according to the community, is undoubtedly Aela The Huntress. She’s a member of the Companions and also a Werewolf, following the teachings of Hircine.

Is legendary skill worth it Skyrim?

Legendary skills level up normally, and have no added benefits compared with non-Legendary skills. The purpose of making a skill Legendary is to allow it to contribute to increasing character level again. … When all skills reach 100, the character can no longer gain character levels (this occurs at level 81).

Can khajiit breed with humans?

The Argonian/Khajiit races cannot breed with humans.

What is the best character to play in Skyrim?

Skyrim Best Skills/Best Character Builds For instance: Nords, Imperials, Orcs, and Redguard are strong races that enjoy bonuses to smithing and sword-wielding. They make good warrior builds, and will do well if you continue to nurture related skills.

What happens if you kill Ulfric before the main quest?

Nothing happens, you just bug out the game. The game isn’t designed to kill off Ulfric before the of the Imperial questline, the NPC’s won’t react to his death in any way.

Can you marry khajiit?

You can now marry any of the Caravan Khajiit or J’zargo without any console commands. … After learning about marriage from Maramal, go talk to the head of the Caravan Khajiit, Ri’saad, for a little enlightenment on the eligibility of Khajiit in Skyrim.

What is the rarest item in Skyrim?

Skeleton KeySkeleton Key is an unbreakable lockpick and one of the rarest item in the games.

Should I finish Skyrim before Dragonborn?

I personally felt that Dragonborn fit better as a after defeating Alduin thing. But it really works either way because dialogue will change in DB based on what you’ve done in the base game. Even the base game Hermora quest dialogue will change based on if you do it before or after DB.

Can you become king in Skyrim?

You’re the Last Dragonborn and you’re probably Shor as you can sit on his chair after travelling to Sovngarde. With that power, you can rally up the Sons and Daughters of Skyrim and storm Solitude and crown yourself King.