Question: Who Is Juan Luna And Fernando Amorsolo?

Who are the Filipino painters?

The 10 Most Famous Filipino Artists and their MasterworksFernando Amorsolo (1892-1972)José Joya (1931-1995)Pacita Abad (1946-2004)Ang Kiukok (1935-2005)Benedicto Cabrera (1942-present)Kidlat Tahimik (1942-present)Eduardo Masferré (1909-1995)Agnes Arellano (1949-present)More items…•.

Who is Fernando C Amorsolo?

Fernando Amorsolo y Cueto (May 30, 1892 – April 24, 1972) was one of the most important artists in the history of painting in the Philippines. … Amorsolo was a portraitist and painter of rural Philippine landscapes. He is popularly known for his craftsmanship and mastery in the use of light.

Besides his military studies, Luna also studied pharmacy, literature and chemistry….Antonio LunaDied5 June 1899 (aged 32) Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, First Philippine RepublicCause of deathAssassinationRelationsJuan Luna (brother) Joaquin Luna (brother)AwardsPhilippine Republic Medal17 more rows

Why Juan Luna is a hero?

Because of his bravery, Luna was named director of War on September 26, 1898. He became famous for bravery, unusual style of fighting, and strict discipline.

What is the meaning of Spoliarium by Juan Luna?

19th Century. Juan Luna. The painting features a glimpse of Roman history centered on the bloody carnage brought by gladiatorial matches. Spoliarium is a Latin word referring to the basement of the Roman Colosseum where the fallen and dying gladiators are dumped and devoid of their worldly possessions.

What was the main theme of Amorsolo’s paintings?

His drawings and paintings from this grim period document wartime suffering and atrocities. In particular, Amorsolo depicted the sufferings of mothers and children. During the war, Amorsolo’s younger brother Pablo, also an accomplished artist was branded a Japanese sympathizer and was executed by Filipino guerillas.

Why did Fernando Amorsolo painted the Making of the Philippine flag?

It is believed that Fernando Amorsolo made this painting to show the citizen of the Philippines of how the Philippine flag was made and to remind them the traditions and customs that we did not realize it becomes faded.

Did Juan Luna kill her wife?

Luna was fond of his wife. However, the jealous Luna frequently accused Paz of having an affair with a certain Monsieur Dussaq. Finally in a fit of jealousy, he shot the door wherein his wife was behind. Killing his wife and mother-in-law and wounded his brother-in-law, Felix in the process, on September 22, 1892.

Why did Aguinaldo kill Luna?

Bulan said, “Luna was committed to protecting the people during the war with the “urgent matters” he wanted to discuss with the president. Aguinaldo, on the other hand, was committed to silencing Luna.” What judgment!

What is the reason why Juan Luna painted Spoliarium?

He actually indicated the purpose of Juan Luna for painting Spoliarium which is painted to awaken Filipinos from ignorance, blindness, mental darkness and oppression. They both knew that Filipinos are lagged behind compared to other countries due to being colonized.

Who is the creator of Spoliarium 1884 by Juan Luna?

Rizal was inspired to carve a mark of his own to give glory to his country by writing his ‘Spoliarium’ since early that year 1884 “he had been toying with the idea of a book” for he has seen and described the painting as “the tumult of the crowd, the shouts of slaves, the metallic clatter of dead men’s armor, the sobs …

Why did they kill Antonio Luna?

To Aguinaldo, compromise or no compromise, autonomy or complete independence, there was not sufficient room in the Philippines for himself and General Luna. He thereupon determined to lay a trap and rid himself of the violent patriot for once and all.