Quick Answer: How Do You Grate With A Food Processor?

Can you grate coconut in a food processor?

Grate the coconut meat: 1.

Grate the meat, using the fine grating disk in a food processor.

NOTE: If you do not have a food processor, you may grate the coconut on the fine holes with a box grater..

What is the plastic blade for on a food processor?

Plastic Dough Blade It has less curved paddles and is usually plastic, allowing it to do a better job of kneading the dough rather than potentially just cutting into it, which the sharp metal s-shaped blade might do. Try it to make focaccia and even pasta dough.

How do you grate dry coconut in a food processor?

Take the white pieces of coconut that you cut off and put them into your food processor and pulse it for 10-15 seconds. Stop the food processor and scrape off the edges. Open the top of the processor and scrape the coconut that got stuck to the sides of the processor. Grind the coconut again.

How do you shred coconut at home?

Scoop out the coconut meat from the shell and use a standard grater or food processor to shred the meat. Spread the coconut shreds on a baking tray and bake at the lowest setting for a few hours. Be careful that the coconut does not burn or toast. Alternatively, you can use a dehydrator.

What does a food processor do that a blender doesn t?

The short story: A blender is typically better for foods that will end up mostly liquid, whereas a food processor is better for foods that will end up being mostly solid. … This, plus the addition of accessories like a shredder blade, allows a food processor to accomplish a number of tasks such as chopping and shredding.

Can you use a food processor to grate cheese?

1. Using a food processor, set up the processor with the grating blade. … Cut the cheese into squares that will fit into the processor feed 3. Feed cheese into the food processor until you have as much as you need!

Can you shred potatoes in a food processor?

Thin, grated pieces of potato cook through quickly and turn golden and crisp. You can use a simple box grater or a food processor to shred potatoes in minutes.

Can You Beat eggs in a food processor?

Use a hand-held electric whisk, free-standing mixer, or balloon whisk. A food processor won’t give you that volume. Don’t over whisk the whites anymore than stiff peak or they’ll become dry and powder, thus difficult ton use. Use the egg whites as soon as they’re whisked.

Can you mix a cake with a food processor?

Most cakes made with food processors are made using an “all in one” method, so the ingredients are put into the bowl of the processor at the same time and whizzed until evenly mixed into a cake batter. … Generally the metal blade will be used for cakes and pastry.

Can you grate chocolate in a food processor?

Try using a serrated knife. Just shave the chocolate. OK, if you are talking about the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe, I cheat and toss the chocolate in my food processor and give it a buzz. I don’t tend to grate chocolate all that often, I use chocolate curls though and it needs to be a bit soft to do those.