Quick Answer: How Do You Move The Ruler In Sai 2?

What is the best resolution for Paint Tool SAI?

around 300 pixel/inchThe resolution is best around 300 pixel/inch.

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Why is my Paint Tool SAI small?

I solved my own problem, so here it is if anybody else has this issue: it’s the resolution of the surface book causing the issue, go to settings, system, display, advanced display settings, then drastically lower the resolution setting.

How do you draw parallel lines in paint?

Parallel line rulerSelect the Ruler category from the toolbar. … From the drop-down menu in the Tool Property palette, select the Parallel Line option.Click on the canvas and drag to set the angle of the ruler. … Release the mouse button or stylus to finish creating the ruler.Use the drawing tool of your choice to create parallel lines.

How do you select and move in Paint Tool SAI?

Move Tool. In default setting you can select toplevel layer on clicked position by Ctrl+Shift+Left clicking. If this checkbox is ON, you can also select by Ctrl + Left clicking.

How do you duplicate layers in Sai?

1) Add all the layers you want to copy into a set (folder). 2) Close the set/folder and select it. 3) Click on “Layer” in the toolbar at the top. 4) Click on “Copy”, then you’re done!

Does Paint Tool SAI have a symmetry tool?

Location of the Symmetry Tool. … This tool also allows you to set up perspective grids which I haven’t really played with too much, but will eventually try out at some point.

How do you make a circle in Paint Tool SAI?

> Use the Curve Tool and click anywhere on the canvas to create a new curve. > Press the DEL or END keys (if these buttons malfunction or do not exist on your keyboard, go to your preferences and bind different keys) to rotate the canvas, and then click to create a new point of the curve.

How do I resize a selection in Sai?

There is a way, it’s pretty easy: Go to Canvas (or press C) then go down to where it says Change Resolution. In the window you get you can go down to the box that says “width” (not pixel width) and type in, for you example, 800. It will automatically resize the height to fit.

How do you move layers in Paint Tool SAI?

How to move/scale/rotate multiple layers in SAImake a folder.put layers into a folder (drag and drop)select folder.move/scale/rotate the folder. The layers in the folder will be effected.

How do I move linework in Sai?

When you select an area of linework with the selection tools you then need to go to the menu bar at the top to the “Selection” pull down. Then click on “Select CPs In Selection” or “Select Strokes In Selection”. Your selected linework will turn red and then you can use the manipulation tools. Thank you so much!

How do I make straight lines in paint?

To draw a straight lineIn the toolbox, click the straight line tool.At the bottom of the toolbox, click a line width.Choose a color for the line.To draw the line, drag the pointer.Draw a perfectly horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line by holding down SHIFT while dragging.More items…