Quick Answer: Is Felicity In Love With Oliver?

Does Felicity fall in love Oliver?

One of the great gifts of the Arrow S2 finale was not only did Oliver confess his love for Felicity (and yes, he meant it), but we as viewers FINALLY had confirmation that we watched Oliver fall in love with Felicity slowly… moment by moment in the prior 22 episodes..

What episode does Oliver tell Felicity he loves her?

Arrow 3×09 [Felicity and Oliver] ‘I Love You’

Does Oliver Love Felicity or Laurel?

Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Laurel had romantic feelings for each other in the beginning of the series, but at least one of them moved on. A love story between Oliver and Felicity took shape starting in season 2, culminating in a wedding in season 6.

Do Felicity and Oliver get together?

Despite their kiss in the season 5 finale, when Arrow returned, Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) had pressed pause on their relationship so that William could adjust to life with Oliver. … “They are back together,” Amell confirms to EW.