Quick Answer: Is Mastermind Coming Back To Uzalo 2020?

Is Jessica Nkosi still dating TK Dlamini?

Cape Town – Local actress Jessica Nkosi has confirmed her split from partner Uzalo actor, TK Dlamini.

The couple kept their relationship mostly under wraps, making their relationship public with the arrival of their first child together in October.

“I have made the decision to end our relationship..

Who is Tk Dlamini’s new girlfriend?

Jessica Nkosi’sFans are convinced Jessica Nkosi and TK Dlamini are back together – here’s why. Jessica Nkosi might be back together with her baby daddy TK Dlamini. Jessica Nkosi’s fans were left confused after she was spotted on her baby daddy TK Dlamini’s Instagram Stories.

What does TK Dlamini do for a living?

He is known to play soccer, hockey and cricket. He is a business expert by profession. He trained in International Marketing Management at Varsity College in Westville, Durban.

Is Nkunzi of Uzalo dead?

The actor who plays Nkunzi Mhlongo in ‘Uzalo’, a character many love to hate, was shocked when a social media report surfaced this week claiming he had died in a car accident. The star took to Twitter to reassure fans that he was still very much alive. “I am alive, well, and kicking. It is through the mercy of God.

Why was mastermind fired from Uzalo?

It is reported that the directors at Uzalo are working on bringing back Mastermind to the show amid pressure from the audience to bring back the character. Insiders disclosed that Mastermind was not fired from the show but was suspended because of bad behaviour.

Why did Tk Dlamini leave Uzalo?

However, TK went onto Gagasi FM to set the record straight about why he left Uzalo, Ntokozo confirmed to Gagasi FM that he would be leaving the show to focus on his soon to be born baby with Jessica Nkosi.

Is MaNgcobo leaving Uzalo?

Uzalo fans were devastated after after learning that leading actress, Dawn Thandeka King will no longer be part of the show. Dawn Thandeka King is well known for her irreplaceable role as Lindiwe aka MaNgcobo, on Uzalo, and the actress will be leaving a gaping hole in the show.

Who is the lowest paid actor in Uzalo?

NomceboSo let’s check out the salaries of the lowest paid supporting actors. According to reports, the lowest paid actress was Nomcebo who played the role of Khehla’s mother. She was reportedly paid R15k to R20k per month, she was followed by Nyawo, Madlala and Mbatha whose salaries ranges from R15k to R25k per month.

Who will kill Nkunzi?

Amos’sAmos’s plan is to take over KwaMashu and run and control everything. Amos will make big moves in his take-over of KwaMashu. He will want to kill Nkunzi but Nkunzi is not prepared to lose everything.

Who is coming back to Uzalo 2020?

In a statement from July 2020, Stained Glass TV confirmed that Nomcebo Gumede will be returning as Mumsy, stating that she will be reprising the role of the feisty temptress.

How old is Tk Dlamini?

29 years oldTK Dlamini was born on the 8th of January 1991 from a middle class family in Pietermaritzburg, therefore the actor is 29 years old. He spent his childhood with his parents and two of his siblings in KZN. He had a baby girl with actress Jessica Nkosi in 2018.

Is Nkunzi leaving Uzalo 2020?

The current Uzalo storyline does not indicate that Nkunzi will be leaving the show in the near future. The production house nor the publicity team have not suggested his dismissal, thus indicating that the character still has longevity on the show.

Is Thulani leaving Uzalo?

“With each new season comes the inevitable bittersweet goodbye – The much loved, classy and dignified, Nomcebo, played by Nombulelo Mhlongo, the Khanyile brothers, Thulane and Godfather played by Thulani Shange and Sizwe Khumbuza will soon bid the series farewell”, read the statement.

How old is Jessica Nkosi?

31 years (January 20, 1990)Jessica Nkosi/Age