Quick Answer: What Is Smart Drawing Tool?

What is Ellipse tool in Coreldraw?

The 3 point ellipse tool lets you quickly create an ellipse at an angle, eliminating the need to rotate the ellipse.

Both tools are located on the Ellipse flyout.

After you draw an ellipse or a circle, you can easily change it into a pie shape or an arc..

How much does SmartDraw cost?

SmartDraw pricing starts at $5.95 per month, per user. They do not have a free version. SmartDraw offers a free trial.

How can I use CorelDRAW?

Creating a Party Invitation CardStep 1 – Create a New Document. Start by opening a new document. … Step 2 – Creating a colored background. … Step 3 – Creating basic shapes in CorelDRAW. … Step 4 – Adding text to our card. … Step 5 – Creating the reverse side of our card. … Step 6 – Saving your card.

What is fill tool in CorelDRAW?

The Mesh Fill tool is one of the most powerful features in CorelDRAW®. It lets you design multi-colored filled objects with fluid transitions and unique effects. You can adjust single node transparency to create smooth, rich color transitions for any mesh filled object.

How do I fill a shape in Corel Draw?

In the toolbox, click the Smart fill tool . Type a value in the Gap tolerance box on the property bar. Click inside the enclosed area that you want to fill. A new object is created from the enclosed area, and the selected fill and outline options on the property bar are applied to it.

How do I fill an object with color in Corel Draw?

To apply an interactive fill, click the Interactive Fill tool, click an object, and then drag. To change the fill colors, drag colors from the color palette to the square handles or to the fill path.

What is the usage of Smart Drawing tool?

The new Smart Drawing tool gives freehand sketching the benefit of a kind of artificial intelligence. You can sketch a shape freehand-style on screen and end up with a precise vector object as a curve, native object or Perfect Shape.

Where is Smart Fill tool in CorelDraw x7?

It is still there, at the bottom of the toolbox. If not, right click the toolbox and reset.