Quick Answer: Why Did Shades Kill Comanche?

Did Shades and Comanche hook up?

It’s revealed that Shades and Comanche had an affair while in prison, and that love still exists between the two men.

The unexpected revelation becomes all the more tragic only one episode later, when Shades executes Comanche, who has been secretly working with the NYPD against Mariah Stokes’ crime syndicate..

Is Black Mariah in civil war?

Alfre Woodard portrayed Miriam Sharpe in Captain America: Civil War. She also portrayed Mariah Dillard/Black Mariah in Luke Cage.

Did Luke Cage kill cockroach?

Portrayed by In the midst of making a name for himself through an unlicensed casino and almost getting even more money from Luke Cage through legal action, Hamilton was murdered by Bushmaster, who displayed his severed head on a pike at the Shirley Chisholm Complex entrance to send a message to Mariah Dillard.

Who killed Diamondback?

Black RacerDuring the ensuing battle, Black Racer stabs Diamondback in the gut. After Captain America defeats the three villains, he rushed to Diamondback’s aid.

Does Misty die in Luke Cage?

Misty appears in Luke Cage. This version of the character is a Detective at the 29th Precinct in Harlem. … During a hostage situation at Harlem’s Paradise, she is shot in the right arm by Diamondback and warned by Claire that the arm might have to be amputated if it does not receive further treatment, but recovers.

How did Luke Cage get out of jail Season 2?

At the end of the season, just as Luke and Claire’s relationship turns romantic, he turns himself over to U.S. Marshals, and is taken back to Seagate. Luke joins the Defenders: Some months later, Luke is released from prison legitimately, after lawyer Foggy Nelson helps prove his innocence.

Who is Comanche in Luke Cage?

Thomas Q. JonesComanche is a fictional villain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is frequently seen with his partner in crime Shades. Comanche appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Netflix series Luke Cage, played by Thomas Q. Jones.

What was Luke Cage in jail for?

heroinLuke went to jail for the heroin and it was there that he gained his superhuman abilities, thanks to agreeing to participate in some experiments by Dr. Burstein.

How did Tilda kill Mariah?

Although Tilda has now committed a mortal sin of her own, she only killed Mariah, using a poison called “beso de la araña” (kiss of the spider), to put an end to her mother’s relentless, escalating murder spree.

Why does Diamondback hate Luke Cage?

Once again, Diamondback became deeply frustrated over Cage’s idolization by the people of Harlem, having suffered for it his entire life, he framed him for the murder of an officer and a hostage crisis in Harlem’s Paradise to destroy his legacy as a hero as was his name as a Lucas in the past.

Will there be a Luke Cage Season 3?

“Unfortunately, Marvel’s Luke Cage will not return for a third season,” Netflix and Marvel said in a joint statement.

How did Mariah Stokes die?

But unlike Cottonmouth’s death in Season 1, showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker did not have Mariah’s death (she succumbs to the poison Tilda administered with a kiss while she was in jail and dies in Luke’s arms) planned from the beginning of the Netflix series.

Does Diamondback die in Luke Cage?

It turns out Luke Cage is. n the end, Cage came out victorious over Diamondback and seemingly enough, Diamondback appeared to be half-dead. However, the ending sequence displayed Dr. Noah Burstein in Diamondback’s hospital room, and that could only mean one thing for Diamondback: Burnstein intends to experiment on him.

Why did Tilda kill Mariah?

As it turns out, Tilda laced her lips with poison, convinced by Bushmaster that Mariah must die for her crimes. After the visit, Mariah calls for her lawyer to change her will, but she does not realize the damage that Tilda has done.

Are Luke Cage and Diamondback brothers?

Diamondback appears in Luke Cage, portrayed by Erik LaRay Harvey, while his younger appearance is portrayed by Jared Kemp. He is Luke Cage’s older half-brother as a result of an affair that Luke’s father James Lucas had with his secretary Dana Stryker, making him a composite of the comics’ Willis Stryker and Coldfire.