What Actors Are 59 Years Old?

What actresses are in their 60s?

This list is loosely sorted by popularity and includes actresses from the United States, England, Germany, France and other countries all over the world.1 Catherine O’Hara.

2 Valerie Bertinelli.

3 Ellen DeGeneres.

4 Sharon Stone.

5 Madonna.

6 Jamie Lee Curtis.

7 Cherry Jones.

8 Neena Gupta.More items….

What actors are 61 years old?

61 Years Old CelebritiesSimon Cowell, 61. Talent Manager.Cathy Nesbitt-Stein, 61. Reality Star.Magic Johnson, 61. Basketball Player.Rachel Renee Russell, 61. Children’s Author.Weird Al Yankovic, 61. Pop Singer.Dave Coulier, 61. TV Actor.Bryan Adams, 61. Rock Singer.Kevin Spacey, 61. Movie Actor.More items…

Who was born in 1959?

Born in 1959Sean Bean. Actor | The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. … Kevin Spacey. Actor | The Usual Suspects. … Val Kilmer. Actor | The Doors. … Emma Thompson. Actress | Sense and Sensibility. … Hugh Laurie. Actor | House M.D. … Ving Rhames. Actor | Pulp Fiction. … Allison Janney. Actress | The Help. … Clancy Brown.More items…•

Who turned 60 today?

60 Years OldRuPaul. TV Show Host.Jeremy Clarkson. TV Show Host.Jane Lynch. TV Actress.Diego Maradona. Soccer Player.Hugh Grant. Movie Actor.Niki Mahajan. Fashion Designer.Bono. Rock Singer.Colin Firth. Movie Actor.More items…

Who is the most beautiful 50 year old woman?

This 50-year-old star was just named ‘Most Beautiful Woman in the World’Pierce Brosnan. … Sheryl Crow. … Denzel Washington. … Kelly Preston. … Keanu Reeves. … George Clooney. … Helen Mirren. Perfection. … Julianne Moore. It’s a coin toss as to what makes the 54-year-old actress hotter — her beauty or her career.More items…•

What stars are 51 years old?

51 Years OldJennifer Lopez. Pop Singer.Jennifer Aniston. TV Actress.Ice Cube. Rapper.Ellen Pompeo. TV Actress.Gwen Stefani. Pop Singer.Jack Black. Movie Actor.Tyler Perry. TV Producer.Matthew Perry. TV Actor.More items…

Do actors hide their age?

Yes some of them are not very comfortable opening up on their age. One of them is Disha Patani who lies her age by 3–4 years. Another is Bipasha Basu who once clearly told a reporter that she she wouldn’t tell her year of birth & will only tell the day and month.

What celebrities are in their 50s?

Barack Obama (59) Robert Downey Jr (55) Michael Jordan (57) George Clooney (59) Linus Torvalds (50) Mike Tyson (54) Joe Rogan (53) Wayne Gretzky (59)More items…

What actors are 62 years old?

62 Year Old ActorsAlec Baldwin.Gary Oldman.Peter Capaldi.Kevin Bacon.Steve Buscemi.Ned Luke. Voice Actor.Donny Osmond.Viggo Mortensen.More items…

What actors are 53 years old?

53 Year Old ActorsVin Diesel.Matt LeBlanc.Will Ferrell.Mark Ruffalo.Jason Statham.Akshay Kumar.C Thomas Howell.John Barrowman.More items…

What actresses are in their 50s?

Robin Wright, Viola Davis, Julianne Moore, and Laura Linney are among the throng of 50 actresses over 50 currently making waves in Hollywood.Nicole Kidman (birthdate: 06/20/67) … Helena Bonham Carter (birthdate: 05/26/66) … Robin Wright (birthdate: 04/08/66) … Halle Berry. … Salma Hayek. … Viola Davis (birthdate: 08/11/65)More items…•

Do actors get retirement?

The size of your pension will depend on how much you work. Often, actors will have pensions from all three unions, and with Social Security, it can be enough to live on, Fowkes said. … “Actors are becoming smarter about retirement than they were five years ago,” Fowkes said.

What celebrities are 60 years old?

60 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Are Turning 60 This YearEmma Thompson.Magic Johnson.Jason Alexander.Simon Cowell.Val Kilmer.Kevin Spacey.Hugh Laurie.Marie Osmond.More items…•

What year was I born if I am 57 years old?

You were born either in 1961 (before today’s day and month) or in 1960 (after today’s day and month).

What is Tom Hanks age?

64 years (July 9, 1956)Tom Hanks/Age

What actors are 70 years old?

70 Years Old Narendra Modi. Listed In: Leaders. Famous As: Prime Minister of India. … Jeff Bridges. Listed In: Film & Theater Personalities. Famous As: Actor. … Bill Murray. Listed In: Film & Theater Personalities. Famous As: American actor. … Samuel Alito. Listed In: Lawyers & Judges. … Stevie Wonder. Listed In: Singers. … Don Johnson.

What stars are 59 years old?

59 Years OldBarack Obama. US President.Billy Ray Cyrus. Country Singer.George Clooney. Movie Actor.Eddie Murphy. Movie Actor.Ralph Macchio. Movie Actor.Carole Baskin. Activist.George Lopez. Comedian.Michael J. Fox. Movie Actor.More items…

What stars are 57 years?

57 Years OldMichael Jordan. Basketball Player.Johnny Depp. Movie Actor.John Stamos. TV Actor.Kevin Chamberlin. TV Actor.Jill Hudson. YouTube Star.Lisa Kudrow. TV Actress.Mike Myers. Movie Actor.Greg Paul. Instagram Star.More items…