Where Are All The Fairies In Snowhead Temple?

How many fairies are in Snowhead Temple?

15 Stray FairiesLocation of Fairy Fountain: After you collect all 15 Stray Fairies in the temple, you need to return them to the Fairy Fountain.

The Snowhead fountain is located on the base of Snowhead Mountain.

The Great Fairy of Wisdom rewards you by doubling the size of your Magic Meter..

How do you get the fairy mask?

The Great Fairy Mask is given to Link by the Great Fairy of Magic in North Clock Town. Link obtains the mask if he returns the Great Fairy’s missing Stray Fairy while in human form. During the day, the Stray Fairy can be found in the Laundry Pool. During the night, it will be found in East Clock Town.

Where is the great fairy in woodfall?

Hidden in the beehive under the middle upper platform in the push-block room. Floating in a pink globe in the big flower room after you defeat the mini-boss and get the boss key.

How do I get back to woodfall Temple?

User Info: FredCat07. For future reference you don’t need to play the Song of Time to get back into the main part of the temple, even after defeating Odolwa. The entrance is still on the other side of the temple. The Song of Soaring can take you back to the Owl Statue near it.

Who is the fairy in Majora’s Mask?

TaelTael is a Fairy in Majora’s Mask. He is the younger brother of Tatl.

What are all the masks in Majora’s Mask?

MasksPostman’s HatAll-Night MaskDeku MaskKeaton MaskBremen MaskGoron MaskRomani’s MaskCircus / Troupe Leader’s MaskZora MaskKamaro’s MaskGibdo MaskFierce Deity MaskJun 7, 2017

How do you win the Goron race?

To ensure his victory, Link needs to break many green pots and roll up as many ramps on the track as possible. Once he succeeds, he will be rewarded with Gold Dust, which can be used to create the Gilded Sword. Each time Link wins the race, he will be awarded with Gold Dust, which can be sold.

What do you do with gold dust in Majora’s Mask?

Gold Dust is an Item in Majora’s Mask that can help transform Link’s sword into the Gilded Sword. The Gold Dust can be won by winning the Goron Races, in the Side Quest: Goron Races Rock n Roll. The Gold Dust also comes in a bottle that can be reused.

Where are the stray fairies in woodfall Temple?

This Stray Fairy is found in the north room of Woodfall Temple. Pop its bubble with an arrow and use the Great Fairy Mask to collect it. The final three Stray Fairies are found in the north room before the boss. Each of them are located in alcoves in the southern wall.

How do you get the Great Fairy Sword in Majora’s Mask?

Link can obtain the Sword by collecting all 15 Stray Fairies in the Stone Tower Temple and returning them to the Fairy’s Fountain in Ikana Canyon. Doing so will return the Great Fairy of Kindness back to normal, who will thank Link and give him the Sword as a reward for his help.

How do I get the Goron Lullaby?

First talk to the Goron Elder after you unfroze him, then go with the baby Goron and talk to him, now return to the Goron Elder, unfroze him again and talk to him, he should now teach you the first part of the song, now return with the baby Goron and play him the first part of the song so he teach you the second part.

How do you get Epona in Majora’s Mask?

Epona is Link’s horse in Majora’s Mask, and can be ridden to increase your speed and jump over walls that Link cannot climb. She can be obtained during the Protect Romani’s Cows Side Quest. To find Epona, you must obtain the Goron Mask and clear Snowhead Temple, causing spring to return to the mountain.

How do you beat the Stone Tower Temple?

Roll jump across (for extra distance so you don’t have to climb up) or wear the Bunny Hood or Zora Mask. Once over there, shoot it with a Light Arrow to flip it and taunt it into stomping down on its own head to defeat it. Alternatively, you can just wear the Stone Mask and ignore it.

How do I get to Snowhead Temple?

Activate the Owl Statue. There is an owl statue here near the entrance of Snowhead. … Stop the Blizzard. Before you can reach the Snowhead Temple, you have to stop the blizzard in Snowhead. … Reach the Temple. Now that the wind has stopped blowing, you can reach the temple.

How do you beat the Great Bay Temple boss?

Gyorg is the boss of the Great Bay Temple in Majora’s Mask. There are two ways to defeat this guy: The easiest way is if you are full on magic, shoot an arrow at the fish as normal Link to stun it. You can use fire arrows for extra damage.

How do you get to the last fairy in Snowhead Temple?

the easiest way to get it, is go all the way up to the highest point you can reach without the main pillar being raised (this is one floor below the boss room’s floor) and stand on the edge of the broken bridge and find where the invisible wall is, wear the bunny hood, and just jump right into the wall and hold forward …

What do the stray fairies do in Majora’s Mask?

Stray Fairies are quest items from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. … The rewards for returning all 15 Stray Fairies from a dungeon are, respectively: the Magic Spin Attack, an extended Magic Meter, Enhanced Defense, and the Great Fairy’s Sword.

What does the Snowhead fairy give you?

The one in Clock Town gives you a half size magic meter if you don’t already have magic and if you return the Clock Town stray fairy to her again with the Deku Mask, she will give you the Great Fairy Mask. The one in Woodfall gives you the Great Spin. The one in Snowhead gives you a full sized magic meter.

Where is the great fairy Majora’s Mask?

Majora’s Mask The first Great Fairy in Termina is found in North Clock Town, and only one Stray Fairy is missing. It is found in the Laundry Pool in the daytime and in East Clock Town at night.

How do you melt the ice in Snowhead Temple?

Stand on the platform and shoot a Fire Arrow at the frozen eye located in the upper level. This will raise the platform up. Jump across and go through the door. Travel to the northern part of the room and melt the ice.

How do you beat the Great Bay Temple?

You can use fire arrows for extra damage. Then dive into the water as Zora Link and drill into it using the R-button attack. If you’re out of magic, you can also hit him with your Zora boomerang or punch him. Repeat that three or four times to defeat his first wave.