Why Does Black Adam Hate Shazam?

What is Black Adam’s weakness?


Magical Vulnerability: Only significant magic can affect him.

Lightning: Lightning attacks that cause damage and can cause Black Adam to revert back to Theo Adam..

Who is stronger Shazam or Thor?

Strength: The OHOTMU states Thor can lift 95 tons. … And since Hercules provides the strength portion of Shazam, Hence, Shazam is stronger than Thor.

Who is the strongest superhero?

Hercules Hercules is considered the physically strongest character in the whole marvel universe. Literally the strongest, even over characters such as Thor, Hulk, and the Destroyer.

Who is the strongest in the Shazam family?

BILLY BATSON/SHAZAM Shazam1 BILLY BATSON/SHAZAM Shazam, formerly known as Captain Marvel, was the man who started it all and is the most powerful member of the Marvel Family without question. He was given the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the lightning of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and speed of Mercury.

Did Black Adam kills Shazam?

The original version of Black Adam only fought Shazam’s modern champions once. Their battle ended when he was tricked him into saying the magic word that turned him back into a mortal who should have died thousands of years before, and he instantly turned to dust and died (THE MARVEL FAMILY #1, 1945).

Is Black Adam stronger than Thanos?

Thanos wins easily. Thanos regularly exceeds the strength and general destructive capacity of characters at least as strong as Superman and Black Adam, like Thor and Silver Surfer. Superman and Black Adam are roughly Large Planet to Star level, whereas Thanos is Solar System to Multi Solar System level.

Who is stronger Shazam or Superman?

Shazam, by comparison, gets his powers from the gods and calls upon the strength of Hercules (a god whom Superman has bested in the past). … If Shazam is determined to finish the fight quickly and make the most of his lightning, he can and has gotten the better of Superman.

Can Shazam beat doomsday?

However, while Shazam could kill Doomsday with his lightning, he probably wouldn’t want to. Although Doomsday might not have a defense against Shazam’s magic lightning, if he died from its blasts and came back to life, he would be immune to certain types of magic, making him more dangerous than ever.

Are black Adam and Shazam the same?

As mentioned several times, Black Adam calls upon his powers the same away the Captain Marvel/Shazam does: by exclaiming the word “Shazam.” Initially in the New 52, the names that make up the Shazam anagram are the same as the hero Shazam’s; Black Adam has the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of …

Can Shazam beat Superman?

Shazam is basically Superman, only magic-ified. … Shazam has knocked Superman out cold before. A sucker punch, yes, but that’s still impressive. Originally known as Captain Marvel, the character was so popular in the 40s that his comic book sales outsold Superman’s.

Can Thor kill Superman?

Thor vs Superman: A battle among Gods Thor and Superman are equally matched when it comes to strength. … However, Thor’s access to magic does give him the upper hand and though Thor rarely uses magic, he could use some tricks to beat Superman.

Why is Black Adam bad?

(Unlike Batson’s Shazam, Adam drew his power from Egyptian gods, following a deal made with a goddess.) However, over time, that power ended up corrupting the once good man, and he became the villain known as Black Adam following his banishment by the wizard.

Who is more powerful Superman or Black Adam?

In Johnson’s words: Black Adam has the same powers as Superman. … In fact, if you look at what Black Adam is capable of overall, he’s actually arguably more powerful than Superman. Like other Kryptonians, Superman’s powers come from Earth’s sun, granting him abilities like x-ray vision, heat vision and super breath.

What happens when Black Adam says Shazam?

After saying “Shazam” incorrectly, Black Adam loses his omnipotence and is quickly overwhelmed by thousands of years of repressed aging, reducing him to ashes in an instant.

Is Black Adam stronger than Shazam?

Shazam is more powerful but Black Adam is just more ruthless that’s all, it has been shown multiple times that whenever Shazam is angered or is turned evil he wipes the floor with BA. shazam is a hero meaning he holds back when he fights, unlike BA who pulls no punches when dealing with the matter at hand.